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1. Universal adjustable cutter disk. One set includes 7 cutters. Each blade can be individual adjusted, removed or added to meet your own specifications.

2. Dough disk cutter with measuring line. Used for quick and easy cut raw dough
as well as sheet pans of finished baked items into equal sized portions.
One set include 5 cutters.

3. Our top grade aluminum rolling pins with plastic hands are ideal for any bakery or pizza shop, size 2 x 24 & etc.

4. Heavy duty “Pink roller” to pink sheet dough for pastry.

5. This remarkable instrument works in a completely different way from the conventional grater. The perfect sheet dough cutter for all your pastry preparations.

6. Conveyor brush cleaner. The necessary tool in all mass production bakeshops! This is strong bristle brush, used to sweep away excess dough from conveyor. Set contains pairs of brashes.

7. Custom made triangular curved shaped cutter made of stainless steel.

8. Custom made Circular curved shaped cutter made of stainless steel.


Special moulds for pastry.  


A dough-rolling machine intended principally for small and medium-scale baking installations that helps you to roll the dough faster and easier. Ideal for bakeries, pizzerias, hotels, restaurants.


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